The Significance of the Tree of Life

Nowadays, watching news about the virus scare can give you a dreadful feeling and it saps up the energy that you’re suppose to use for your other activities in the day. It is but wise to save as much physical, mental and emotional energy as you can. Thus, charms or a symbol that you wear can affect the energy that radiates in you. It helps calm you so you can balance your thoughts and your feelings when you face challenging situations.

For centuries, The Tree of Life represented different cultures, religion and spiritual philosophies. Historical texts have documented its significance to legends across Middle East countries in ancient times. No wonder the Mayans, Acadians, Egyptians, Celts and The Book of Genesis in The Bible refers to it as a source of eternal life.   

With history in mind, here’s a profound summary about the meaning of The Tree of Life.

A Connection to the Universe

The Tree of Life is a reminder that your mere existence is connected to the Universe. The roots dig deep and spread into the Earth. It means the tree absorbs nourishment from Mother Earth and so do you. Your connection towards everything around you keeps you grounded. The roots remind you to embrace the foundation of your being, the trunk stabilizes that foundation, the branches opens its arms to receive strength from its environment to which the leaves collect that strength, and the fruit is you. It is you when you share who you are to others. What the Universe has contributed to your being will in turn be your influence to others.

A Symbol of Family and Ancestry

A tree sprouts from a seed and bears seeds that contain its very essence. A tree is a symbolical link from the past to the future. You're connected to your parents and grandparents in the same manner that you're connected to your children and grandchildren. The Tree of Life illustrates continuity through all generations from your ancestors all the way to your descendants.

A Reflection of Re-birth and Immortality

Seasons change and trees lose their leaves during Fall. However, come Spring they blossom to life again. Similar to the life cycle of trees, your life’s journey can go through a dark period and the tree of life symbolizes re-birth. A tree can weather a tough storm and so can you. Challenges in life are inevitable but you can change your perspective into believing in new beginnings. A dull life once before can transform into living life with a purpose.  

Immortality means believing that beyond physical death, there is a doorway to the afterlife that exist and that is the eternal life as promised to us by our Creator. The Tree of Life symbolizes a link between the physical to the spiritual world and how life gets affected by one and the other.

These concepts represent self-awareness and a journey of spiritual growth. By wearing a necklace, earrings or having a key chain with the Tree of Life symbol, you get reminded about carrying that hope in you wherever life takes you. It fuels your spirit to endure and overcome sufferings even diseases. All is not lost in this pandemic. It will come to pass and there’s still a lot to hope for in this circle of life.