Selenite Properties & Uses

Selenite is a high vibrational healer and cleanser, also known as “The Goddess Stone.” This stone has a gentle yet strong energy that cleanses, protects, heals, and harmonizes any environment, person, and even other crystals. Because it is a highly conscious stone, Selenite helps us shift through different phases in our life by unblocking our consciousness and energy fields. With this stone, you’ll be able to tap into more psychic abilities and the angelic realms, relieve anxiety and stress, and achieve greater peace, compassion, and awareness with all aspects of life. This stone is amazing to use during meditation and any reiki sessions.

Selenite provides clarity when it comes to decision-making, judgment, forgiveness, and honesty - especially when letting go of what no longer serves you! 

Physically, Selenite helps heal and alleviate any skeletal issues, such as spinal malalignment. It also provides assistance with breastfeeding. 

How to use & where to place in your home

Selenite can be placed anywhere in the home, though when placed by the front door, it can protect against any unwanted energies entering. Selenite can also be placed in your meditation space or bedroom. Place in your study or office to instill clarity and focus. 

How to cleanse/charge it 

Selenite is NOT water-safe! A few alternative ways you can cleanse and/or charge it are: 

  • Placing it under the moonlight
  • Placing it in a bowl of dry salt
  • Playing a singing bowl next to it
  • Smudging it. 

One of the most amazing properties of Selenite is that it is a master cleanser. You can cleanse and/or recharge your other crystals by placing them in a Selenite bowl for 24 hours. (Bonus points if you have it under the moonlight for some time.)

For more information on how to cleanse and charge crystals, check out our blog post and our Crystal Starter Guide.

Chakra: Heart, Third Eye, and Crown

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Angel number: 8

Source: Worldwide


By Hana Mann / Edited by Larissa Aguiar


Feature photo by Franco Antonio Giovanella on Unsplash