Quartz Crystals that Effectively Heal Mind, Body and Soul

Have you ever thought about why you get attracted to crystal bracelets or pendants and don’t know much about them? Why do they come in a variety of colors anyway?

Quartz had been used for diagnostic healing, meditations and spiritual development for centuries. From Byzantine Era to Renaissance to modern-day, it serves as a protection and means of healing ailments.

What it does is absorb negative energy so it channels positive energy from your mind to your heart. This way, it brings a balance towards what you think and feel that in turn either prevents illnesses or intensifies the intent to heal self and others.

Quartz Crystals come in different colors and properties. To help you choose which crystal is right for you, here are 10 of the most effective healing crystals and their meanings.   

  1. Clear Quartz is known for clearing the mind of negativity so you become receptive of healing and positivity. It stimulates your brain, brings clarity to the intellect, aids memory retention and expands consciousness. For an instant lift, you can soak this crystal in your bath water. Wearing it to your workplace helps dispel migraine headaches so you are able to concentrate better and serves like a force-field against negative energies in your surroundings
  2. Rose Quartz is known as a charm of unconditional love. It is a soft opaque pink crystal that purifies the heart by restoring trust and harmony in a relationship. It emits a therapeutic energy that fosters empathy, forgiveness of self and others. It heals a wounded heart by exhaling grudges and inhaling love within your core being. It can also uplift a weary mind and realign your perspective in terms of self-worth.
  3. Amethyst is purplish in color and represents spiritual awareness. It is a stress-reliever that allows energy to flow into the nervous system so it calms down. It helps protect and alleviate you from depression. It serves like a tranquilizer and best fits a person recovering from surgery or traumatic situations.
  4. Emerald is a bluish-green gem. It nurtures a love relationship to become successful as it keeps a partnership in balance. It stimulates a detoxifying effect to issues related to the heart, lungs, liver and spine. Furthermore, it brings equilibrium to the physical and emotional heart.
  5. Celestine or Celestite is an excellent healer in pale blue opaque or transparent crystal. It transmutes pain into an energy that boosts clairaudience (sensitivity to voices), clairsentience (heightened form of empathy) and clairvoyance (extrasensory perception). It helps heal sensory-related illnesses, throat and digestive system disorders.
  6. Citrine is an energizing yellow crystal that represents spiritual joy. The light it provides cannot tolerate negative energy. Importantly, it dispels anger and stress-related headaches. It can help discern your inner voice from free-floating worries, self-doubt and self-pity. It acts as purifier by enhancing your optimistic insights. Furthermore, it releases toxins and regulates cells in your endocrine system to help prevent a disorder like Diabetes.
  7. Aventurine ranges from pale to dark green opaque or glassy luster. It helps heal respiratory infection, sinuses and issues related to the lungs as it loosens energy blockages. It is also recommended for working through unresolved emotional issues. When these issues heal, it attracts new opportunities for personal growth.
  8. Aqua Aura Quartz comes as a cloudy blue crystal with iridescent metallic sheen. It has high vibration energy that enables you to improve your meditation so you can speak your thoughts clearly. An under-active ability to communicate may lead to speaking or hearing problems which can get corrected by openly expressing yourself and letting others understand you.
  9. Rainbow Aura Quartz is a natural crystal infused with Titanium that gives it its fascinating rainbow colors. It helps quiet your mind and cleanses your aura when you release emotions in times of grief or depression. It strongly connects you to hope for better days after overcoming sadness. It motivates you to work through any conflicts at hand so you can move forward with renewed energy and positivity. 
  10. Ruby Quartz is an exquisite crystal that promotes self-assurance and having the desire to live life fully. It helps rid your reservations to hold back further that long overdue weight loss you’re yearning for. Suppressed goals results to chronic fatigue. This gem attracts energy to help you make bolder decisions when you get easily intimidated. Furthermore, it encourages you to take control of your zest in life.