How to: Crystal Edition

I recently bought a pack of assorted incense on Amazon (you can’t keep getting away with it, Jeff Bezos) to see if that will somehow cure all the stress in my life lately. But as I opened that little blue package, it dawned on me that it will take much more than a sweet smell and pretty music to relax me. So, without an ounce of hesitation, I gravitated towards my amethyst and held it tight on my hand. At that moment, the crystal felt like the breath of fresh air I needed - as it seems to be for many people. 

Living in a post-quarantine world, a lot of us have been experiencing an unusual level of anxiety and other forms of mental anguish. It's no coincidence that spiritual practices, including crystal healing, have been rising in popularity, with celebrities like Adele and Kate Hudson being vocal about their use in combating stage fright and other sorts of anxieties.

The practice of crystal healing can be traced back about 6,000 years, but has recently re-emerged due to the New Age movement. Most of today’s practice is heavily based on multi-asian cultures, ranging from the Chinese chi or qi (the fundamental life force, energy) to the hindu-buddhist concept of chakras. 

So, how can you use your crystals to start your own crystal healing journey? 

  • Place them on your chakras! An easy guide to knowing what crystal will benefit each chakra - besides looking it up on Google, - is the color of the chakra should match the crystal color.
  • Keep it on you throughout the day! You can put it in your purse or backpack, wallet,  pockets, or bra. 
  • Wear it as jewelry! This is another way to keep it on your throughout the day, and luckily enough you can find some necklaces on our website right here.
  • Place them under your pillow when you go to sleep! This can especially be beneficial during tough periods such as a Mercury retrograde, or a personally difficult lunar phase. 
  • Use them during rituals! No matter if your chosen ritual is a bath, cleansing your space, meditating or doing yoga, having your crystals with you can elevate them and improve your healing journey.
  • If you are ever feeling too overwhelmed, upset or needing support more than usual, holding your charged crystals in your hands or close to you will most definitely do the trick.

Beyond knowing how to use your crystals, it is also important to be familiar with the properties and benefits of each, so that you can tailor them to your own healing journey. For example, Amethyst calms the mind and brings harmony, Labradorite clears the aura and provides wisdom and Amazonite soothes emotional trauma and wards off negative energy. 

Yet, most important of all, while crystals are a great tool to assist in healing, the power lies within you to make these choices and use these tools to your advantage!

By Ana Martins and Larissa Aguiar


Feature photo by Hasan Can Devsir on Unsplash