Full Moon in Virgo

The Full Moon marks the end of the moon cycle and with that, your own cycle of intentions. If during the New Moon you were making new affirmations and setting personal goals, the Full Moon is the perfect time to look back and evaluate. You need to ask yourself if your intentions and affirmations are concretized, and if not, you need to ask what you can do differently so that they will. But this is also a time to release any energies, goals and thoughts that are not relevant to your life and personal growth anymore. 

This Full Moon specially marks the end of the zodiac year, with the March Equinox happening right after. Therefore, this Moon should be a time to reflect back on your challenges and progress these past 12 months and how you can improve as a person. And after that, ponder on the big picture of how you would like your next year to go. What intentions and goals are you setting? Where would you like to see yourself next year - physically, mentally and spiritually?

Apart from that, the Virgo energy of this Full Moon might be causing you to overthink more than usual, trying to be perfect and focusing on what others think of you. Try to distance yourself from these thoughts and feelings, and instead focus inward on your own self-growth. Use the Virgo Full Moon energy to stay grounded and trust that you can find the best path for yourself.

What to do to maximize the Full Moon energy?

  • Try meditation or yoga under the moonlight.
  • Try some journal prompts, such as “This Full Moon I am feeling…,” “What do I want to welcome into my life this next zodiac year?” or “I am proud of myself for…”.
  • Search for Full Moon rituals (here’s a great one by Forever Conscious) or do your favorite one.
  • Cleanse your crystals for this new cycle, always making sure you’re setting intentions.
  • Keep amethyst, citrine, amazonite and fluorite by your side.
  • Make moon water! This can be great for future rituals or charging/cleansing your crystals.

Be true to yourself, trust the process and your intuitions, and this March Moon will surely guide you into a brighter period!


By Larissa Aguiar


Feature photo by Javardh on Unsplash