Crystals to Uplift Your Spirits During the Holidays

There is no question that the holidays can be a magical, beautiful, jolly time for a lot of us. It is a period where you can take time off, be with family and friends, reconnect with those you haven’t seen in a while and celebrate life. But it can also be a very challenging time for others, and there is no shame in that. 

We all struggle in life, and our struggles can become quite overwhelming when surrounded by such joy. There is a certain pressure that comes with seeing so many holiday commercials, movies and TV shows, and all your local shops filled with people shopping, while not feeling like you can match that energy. You might feel out of place, lost, lonely. You might ask yourself, “why do these people feel all this happiness when I don’t?” Some common emotions you might feel are depression, frustration, anxiety and sadness.

For that reason, we wanted to give you some direction on what crystals you can use to uplift your spirits during this holiday season.

Crystals for when you're feeling anxious


This is a great crystal to help you let go of anxiety and stagnant energy. If you find yourself in loops of anxiety or unable to escape past traumas that still trigger anxious feelings, consider keeping this crystal beside you.


Citrine concentrates good energy wherever it is most needed. So, if your mind is filled with anxious thoughts and in need of a cleanse, citrine is the way to go.

Crystals for when you’re feeling sad

Rose quartz

This crystal is amazing at dealing with negative emotions overall. Plus, the feelings of love and happiness it brings will surely help you with any sadness.


Carnelian is known for bringing joy and a long lasting feeling of warmth, which can overpower any sad feelings.

Crystals for when you’re feeling frustrated


This stone helps you reach your intuition and provides clarity, so that you can find the source of your frustrations and better understand them. It also cleanses your space, clearing away any energies that can be causing frustration without you even knowing.


Labradorite works in similar ways as Selenite, providing clarity, wisdom and energizing your aura. Another great crystal to have next to you if you are feeling frustrated, for this is an emotion that can be fueled by lack of understanding.

Crystals for when you're feeling depressed


Malachite is a crystal of joy. It absorbs pain and negative energy, and makes transitional times easier. So, if seasonal depression is getting to you, make sure you have this stone with you.


This crystal has the power to calm and stabilize your troubled thoughts and soul. Lepidolite helps you work through those deep-rooted issues that cause depression and instability, helping you learn to love yourself and cope with hard times.

Hope this will help any of you out there going through tough times right now. Although it might seem hopeless sometimes, you can always be your own rock and best friend, and if you just remind yourself of that, you’ll never be alone.


By Larissa Aguiar


Photo by Igor Cancarevic on Unsplash