Charging Your Crystals Under the Full Moon

How has your journey with your healing stones been so far?

Do you feel the energy flow through you as you use them?

Or a change in your outlook as positivity and calmness starts to embrace you? 

I hope you did.

You know, one of the reasons why I fell in love with precious stones and crystals is the mystique that each stone carries. 

It’s fascinating to learn how each crystal poses the power to heal and the ability to help you balance your chakras.

Crystals are like living beings. They also need to be taken care of for them to reach their maximum potential. 

Every month, we need to schedule a moment for our precious stones to pause and to recharge, and this is what we call a crystal cleanse.

A crystal cleanse is a monthly ritual that was introduced to me by a crystal healer.

As your precious stones continue to absorb the energy they take in from you and your environment, it’s good practice to purify your stones on a regular basis through a cleanse.

And the best time to do this is on a full moon.

You might be wondering why.

The full moon symbolizes a new hope, a new beginning. It’s the most powerful of all the lunar phases and can have a profound spiritual effect once we know how to harvest its pure energy.

Full moon rituals allow us to harness the moon’s energy to release what no longer serves us and to forge new paths of personal growth and positivity.

Starting to sound complicated? I promise you that it’s not. 

Here are 3 easy steps on how to do your crystal cleanse.

1.   Purify your Crystals with water 

On the day before the full moon, gently wash your crystals with water. 

It’s highly recommended to cleanse it with water from natural resources such as rivers or oceans.

But when at home, using running water or purified water also works well.

As you gently scrub your crystal to remove the dirt that it has accumulated, listen to some relaxing music. You can even recite your favorite chant as you feel the purity of the crystals. 

2.   Create a sanctuary and set your crystals out

Once you have cleaned and dried your crystals, create a safe space to set them out. It’s best to put them on the ground but if in any case that’s not possible, any natural surface will suffice.

Create a sacred place for your gems by placing candles or incense - anything that might help with your focus.

As soon as the sun sets, lay your crystals down in your little space.  

Close your eyes and meditate.

Name an emotion or a thought that you wish to be free from. This practice will help define whatever it is that you are ready to let go of on this full moon.

3.   Collect your crystals once the sun rises

It’s always nice to reboot your crystal for an hour or two in the morning after the full moon.

Clasp the crystals in your hand and recharge them with your intentions. Whisper everything that you want to achieve and without any negative energy blocking your meditation.

This practice helps the crystals stay focused.

And lastly, I usually close the ritual with a simple prayer of gratitude to our crystals; acknowledging the amazing work of Mother Earth and the elements that played a great role in its creation. 

Have you performed your crystal cleanse?

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Image courtesy of Clova Simmons