5 Crystals for Luck

Luck is quite a mystical concept that has either blessed or haunted people for all of history. How many of us can remember an instance where we thought the Universe was simply laughing at our faces? Or a moment where we marveled at how every piece of the puzzle fit just perfectly? As humans, we cannot escape the appeal of luck, always in search of talismans, symbols, or lucky signs. If you are one of these people, you’ve landed in the right place.

Crystals can be a great way to not only channel that luck you’ve been seeking, but also open up your mind and heart to new opportunities and paths you might not have noticed before. So, here’s a roundup of our five favorite (and best) crystals for luck.


Aventurine is the manifestation of luck, with its name having roots in Latin meaning “chance.” This stone attracts success, abundance, and instills encouragement and perseverance, which are great tools to help you succeed in your endeavors.


Malachite has the ability to keep negativity at bay, allowing you to realize your fullest potential by opening up your paths and life for luck.


Citrine, also known as “The Merchants Stone,” is amazing for bringing in prosperity, business opportunity, and abundance in all aspects! Its high vibrational energy aligns with wealth, abundance, and strengthens the ability to manifest.


Carnelian is a magnet for good luck and fortune. It is also a crystal of motivation, vitality, and creativity, giving you empowerment and courage to pursue your dreams and the luck to succeed in your journey. It is even said that warriors throughout history have used Carnelian for luck in combat.

Tiger's Eye

This stone keeps you alert and aware of all opportunities around you, allowing you to realize and open your eyes to opportunities surrounding you that you might not have previously seen.

Knowing how to use crystals is also an important step. A few ways to get the most out of them would be to wear them as necklaces, create crystal grids and altars, or use them during your meditation. For more information on how to use crystals, check out our blog post and e-book.

By Larissa Aguiar

Feature photo by Yan Ming on Unsplash